Simple Tips for Streamlining Inventory & Preventing Common Mistakes

Simple Tips for Streamlining Inventory & Preventing Common Mistakes

Are you gearing up for a new eCommerce business? Or maybe your current online shop has just experienced an embarrassing inventory blunder?

Either way, knowing how to resolve common inventory mistakes, and more importantly how to prevent them from occurring, can protect your small business from losing out on profits, inventory costs, and even customer relationships. So if you need help with your inventory, here are a few pointers you should keep in mind:

Use Inventory Apps to Avoid Inventory Mistakes

Mistakes will happen from time to time, but using inventory management apps to prevent issues from constantly impacting your small business is always a smart move. For instance, Sortly and SOS Inventory are apps that provide multiple features and tools that can streamline your inventory processes and eliminate many inventory mishaps in the first place.

These apps do require a paid subscription, however, so if you are on a really tight budget, you may want to consider using a free inventory app, such as Goods Order Inventory or Stock Control. While these apps are perfect for managing inventory from your iPhone or Android, you may also want to look into inventory management software, to further protect your small business from the high costs of potential inventory issues.

Of course, it’s also important to have a reliable web hosting, preferably not an EIG one (check with the list).

Get Familiar With Techniques to Prevent Mishaps

Preventing some of the most common inventory issues, including data entry mistakes and mis-shipped items, can be simple with the right inventory management tools and apps.

If you want to ensure that future inventory mistakes don’t end up costing your small business, you should also educate yourself around inventory management best practices. Being more familiar with inventory management terms and techniques, such as ABC analysis, safety stock inventory, and dropshipping, can better prepare you to work with software companies and inventory experts, to design inventory management processes that work for your business.

For example, if you choose a dropshipping model, working with a dependable dropshipping supplier can eliminate the risk for customer-facing order mistakes and expensive inventory issues.

Understand FTC Regulations for Order Mistakes

When you send the wrong item to a customer, you may think that the recipient is legally required to send that mis-shipped item back. Per FTC laws, however, consumers are never required to send these items back to a business, and attempting to charge those recipients for your inventory mistakes could result in costly fines for your small business.

This is just one more reason to use the tools and tips above to streamline your inventory operations and prevent order mishaps, so that you can protect your business from potential losses.

Of course, you can request that your customers return unordered merchandise as long as you pay for shipping, so look for ways to lower your shipping costs, so that your small business is not severely impacted by these inventory mistakes and added shipping expenses.

Establish Excellent Customer Service Standards

Even when using the safeguards mentioned above to enhance your inventory management processes, order and inventory mistakes can still happen. When those mistakes affect customers, it can be bad for your business, but if those customers already trust you, they will be more likely to forgive occasional mistakes.

With a commitment to excellent customer service, you can build that trust and satisfaction that will encourage more positive responses to order mishaps, so this should be a primary focus as you improve your business processes. This means being available to answer customer communications and offering clear return policies on your website. You also need to be fully prepared to take on tough customer service issues, if you want to preserve connections and your reputation.

Inventory mistakes do happen, but they don’t have to cost your business a fortune. With the right inventory tools and policies in place, you can quickly resolve inventory mishaps and prevent small mistakes from becoming even bigger issues for your small business. So dedicate some time to implementing these techniques and tools into your inventory management plan, and also make sure your customer service is strong enough to protect your business.

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TripAdvisor Acquires SinglePlatform from EIG in a $51m Strategic Deal

TripAdvisor Acquires SinglePlatform from EIG in a $51m Strategic Deal

TripAdvisor, the global online travel and restaurant company based in Needham Norfolk County, acquired SinglePlatform on Dec. 5, 2019. The move is largely seen as part of TripAdvisor’s inorganic growth strategy to enhance product experience and drive long-term profitable growth in its non-hotel business segment.

SinglePlatform, a menu publishing, and management company are expected to help TripAdvisor attract more diners to the over 5 million restaurants currently on its platform. The company also helps restaurants to publish key information such as operating hours, business names and contact information to boost their online visibility on networks like Foursquare, Facebook, Google among other directories and mobile applications.

The integration of SinglePlatform’s digital storefront listings solution with the TripAdvisor’s platform will give restaurateurs a feature-rich, unified, one-stop platform from where to manage their online presence across the web.

SinglePlatform sold by EIG and aquired by TripAdvisor

SinglePlatform, founded in 2010 as a private limited company, was acquired by Constant Contact®, Inc. in June 2012 for $65 million in cash subject to other considerations. This made it a wholly-owned subsidiary. In February 2016, Endurance International Group Holdings, aka EIG, finalized the acquisition of all the common shares of Constant Contact. The deal was valued at $1.1 billion, effectively bringing SinglePlatform into the Endurance International Group Holdings family.

The sale of SinglePlatform to TripAdvisor LLC, the ‘Buyer’, was completed by Constant Contact, the ‘Seller’, with Endurance International Group Holdings enjoined as the ‘Parent.’ The base purchase price agreed by the parties involved was $51 million. The dynamic team of 150+ SinglePlatform’s business employees will transition with the company to TripAdvisor.

The SinglePlatform’s acquisition comes barely two days after TheFork, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TripAdvisor acquired Bookatable, an online restaurant reservation platform.

BookaTable which was bought by Michelin in January 2016 is now the subject of a strategic partnership between Michelin and TripAdvisor. The content and licensing partnership will see the two companies join forces to give accessibility to the more than 14,000 high-quality restaurants selected by Michelin Guide inspectors. The acquisition also opens up the United Kingdom, Norway, Germany, Austria, and Finland markets to TheFork.

Endurance International Group sells menu company to TripAdvisor
Why to Register With .Inc Domain Extension?

Why to Register With .Inc Domain Extension?

You have probably heard of .net, .com, and many other common domain extensions but, there is a new one on the market now called .Inc (it is the shortened form of incorporated, but we don’t need to explain that to you). 

Now, what is .Inc domain meaning? The .Inc extension is for real businesses. For those of you business owners who run an incorporated company, there is now an extension that is built solely for you. Buying this .Inc for your website will let new and returning customers know that you are a big deal in the United States’ market. 

Don’t worry — the .Inc extension is also well recognized across the globe for being up there in the business world, so if you are trying to tackle the planet-wide market, you are on to a winner if you choose to go with this one. 

Who Should Register .Inc Domain Extension?

As we have already mentioned, this extension is custom-made for your brand — that is, if you truly want to be taken seriously!

If you are worried about being ‘too new’ on the market to warrant having this coveted domain, don’t be. Just like huge, well-established corporations, startups that are aiming for grand heights should invest in this as it will stand you in good stead for your future online success. 

Basically, .Inc domain registration extension means business and maybe it’s that one you should consider in case you looking on how to get a domain name.

Why Choose .Inc Domain Registration?

There are many reasons why you should choose the .Inc domain name but, perhaps the most important one is that there are no reserved or premium .Inc domains. What does this mean? Well, it allows you to register a very short domain at the standard, universal price. 

Plus, this particular extension supports IDNs which enables you to use characters that are not necessarily found in English — whatever your native language maybe, .Inc will work for you. 

Furthermore, with over 5 million incorporated business in just the United States of America, this domain extension is guaranteed to see a rise in use as more CEOs start recognizing the benefits and the intellectual property perspective of it. 

How Do You Register a .Inc Domain Name? 

You can register during two ‘early bird’ periods throughout the year before the extensions become available to the wider public. 

The first one runs from the 27th of March to the 30th of April and is for trademark holders to have first dibs on their online presence.

The second then runs from the 30th April to the 7th of May and is for organizations to register different forms of trademarks. 

During both of these times, the fees are higher so you may want to sit back and wait for the general availability — just bear in mind that you may miss out on your preferred choice if you do this. 

For a specific domain registrar, you can look into our comparison of domain registrars and specifically, we recommend Namecheap as your domain registration provider. Ok, I think we covered all the relevant information about .Inc domains and now you are well-appointed with all the benefits of registering your website with a .Inc domain extension. All you have to do is decide whether or not to go in at the early bird period or wait until they are widely available — the choice is yours!

What is .Inc Domain Cost?

You can get your .Inc today with $250 off the regular price at Namecheap! All you need to do is go to their website, choose your perfect .Inc domain and apply this coupon code when you check out: GETDOTINC

Getting your .Inc with Namecheap gives you the whole business package of top-rated 24/7 customer support, free personal data privacy system, and reliable DNS. 

So, when you thinking about .Inc domain cost, consider investing today into a domain with huge strategic and business value to launch your A-list business in the direction of success.

Get .Inc extension with $250 off by using GETDOTINC code in checkout >>>

Inc domain means business
Google Releases its Site Kit WordPress Plugin To All WordPress Sites

Google Releases its Site Kit WordPress Plugin To All WordPress Sites

Google has been teasing a WordPress Plugin for some time now, with a preview released to developers in June this year. Now, Google has officially announced that its Site Kit Plugin is available to everyone around the world to all WordPress sites out there.

Download Site Kit from WordPress >>>

What Is Site Kit? 

The Site Kit Plugin will allow anyone with a WordPress site to access data from their Google products from within their site’s dashboard. 

Site Kit will allow users to view data from Search Console, Google Analytics, AdSense (Google Ad Words), PageSpeed, Tag Manager, and Optimize.

Before this plugin was released, users would have to navigate to each of these platforms separately to gain insights. The Site Kit Plugin will, therefore, save users time and make data analysis of their site’s performance much more simple. 

Google Site Kit for WordPress main dashboard.png
Google Site Kit for WordPress main dashboard.png

How Can This Help You? 

There is no doubt that Google Site Kit will be beneficial for website owners. Google has stated that this plugin will have the biggest effect on client websites. 

Clients will be able to access data from Google products by simply logging into the WordPress dashboard. They will no longer need to gain access to a multitude of other products. 

Google will provide clients with recommendations to improve their sites. This will help clients monitor their site’s performance, and make changes to improve their WordPress website. 

This Google Site Kit will also allow you to set roles for users. Each role can be assigned permissions and levels of access, so only relevant people will be able to access the data. 

Why Is This a Big Deal? 

Google is the largest driver of internet traffic. Millions of people use Google for conducting web searches, so businesses and websites take advantage of this for website monetization and advertising. 

WordPress, on the other hand, is the basis of over 35% of all websites published on the internet. The collaboration between Google and WordPress has therefore been a long time coming. 

Google Site Kit for WordPress Individual page stats.png
Google Site Kit for WordPress Individual page stats.png

How Can You Get Site Kit? 

The site Kit is incredibly easy to install. Simply log in to your WordPress site, go to the Plugins tab, and click Add New. 

Next, search for ‘Site Kit’ and click install. It’s that simple! Once you activate the Site Kit, you’ll be able to explore the features of the Plugin.

Also, you can follow the next link, even simpler:

Download Site Kit from WordPress >>> 


Google’s Site Kit is revolutionary, and will make the lives of web developers, SEO managers, and marketing managers much easier! 

Web hosts Risk Penalties in UK’s Latest Onslaught on Online Harms

Web hosts Risk Penalties in UK’s Latest Onslaught on Online Harms

Deal or no deal, the United Kingdom may leave the EU at one point. The impact this will have on regional trade, human capital movement, and the political future of the country is still a wait-and-see development.

Notwithstanding Brexit’s clumsiness and divisiveness, the UK faces another problem in its pursuit through Ofcom (Office of Communications) to punish web hosts that allow publishing of unpleasant content.

What Exactly is Unpleasant Content?

The scope of what’s ‘unpleasant content’, can be found in the EU’s revised Audiovisual Media Services Directive (AVMSD) and the UK’s Online Harms White Paper. The latter presented to the British parliament in April 2019.

In a nutshell, the content in question encompasses violent, pornographic, and extremist material likely to affect an individual’s way of life in the UK, particularly children. 

Video sharing platforms (VSPs) will be fined 5% of their revenue for allowing distribution of sanctioned video broadcast and video-on-demand services on their network. The services will pay a fine of £250,000.

However, the rules do not apply to animated images and video clips embedded in magazines and online newspaper editorials.

The Regulatory Framework and the Role of Ofcom

Every EU member is at liberty to design their regulatory environment detailing how they will penalise the distribution of unpleasant content. The United Kingdom has already begun dipping its toes into the matter by appointing Ofcom and extending its powers to serve as the regulator.

Despite the general sense of direction in using rules as the first step, and then consolidating the patchwork of available regulations into proper legislation, Ofcom appears lost in the implementation space. Licensing of VSPs is one possibility, the second being a simple agreement by VSPs to follow Ofcom’s rules.

The greatest challenge in regulation lies in defining with clarity what constitutes VSPs and in taming such a dynamic and fluid market as the online media industry. It is this and other bits of confusion that have led the UK Department for Digital, Media, Culture, and Sport to consult on how to implement the requirements. With the October Brexit timeline drawing closer, the regulations may only be applicable for only two weeks unless the UK resolves to continue with the legislative push post-Brexit.

Endurance International to Acquire Ecomdash for US$9.6 Million

Endurance International to Acquire Ecomdash for US$9.6 Million

Endurance International Group Holdings (NASDAQ:EIGI), a company that focuses on online solutions for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB), and stays behind the umbrella holding of many WordPress hosting providers (check the EIG list), signed an agreement to acquire eCommerce firm, Ecomdash for US$9.6 million in cash.

Ecomdash is a software solutions provider that enables inventory management, distribution, and multichannel marketplace listings for eCommerce retailers.

From the press release:

“We are impressed with the Ecomdash management team, and the emphasis the company has placed on delivering valuable product features to its growing customer base,” said Jeffrey H. Fox, president and chief executive officer of Endurance.  “We see an opportunity to enhance the value we deliver to our customers by leveraging the team’s expertise and platform.  We look forward to welcoming the entire team to Endurance and to investing to make these capabilities available across our email marketing and web presence platforms.”

“We couldn’t be more excited to join the Endurance family,” said Nick Maglosky, chief executive officer of Ecomdash. “We believe our inventory and listing management platform will provide a strong complement to Endurance’s current product set as we continue to jointly serve our customer base in this large and growing market for SMB services.”

Ecomdash is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Under the terms of the definitive agreement, Endurance will acquire substantially all assets of Ecomdash for approximately $9.6 million to be paid in cash. The closing of the transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close on or before October 1, 2019. Subject to the closing of the transaction, the Company expects to provide additional information on its third quarter 2019 financial results conference call