Uzi Nissan, The Man Who Fought Nissan Over a Website And Won, Has Died Of Covid-19

uzi nissan won his domain name against nissan motors

Uzi Nissan is an Israeli who opened his own business in the United States in the early 80s. He first worked in a car workshop, then opened his own (named Nissan Foreign Car) and sold parts (named Nissan International), and then went into retail at a firm name Nissan Computer. For his own business, he … Read more

Intellectual Property Issues Related to Domain Names

domain name in intellectual property IP asset

What is intellectual property? The term is a very broad one, but in a general sense, it is the author’s personal right to the result of his own intellectual activity: a combination of words, ideas, schemes, algorithms, structures, decisions, naming, and so on. It is possible to consolidate intellectual property at the legislative level so … Read more

How to Buy a Domain Name (+tip to get it for FREE, 2024 Updated)

How to buy a Domain Name

If you want to increase your visibility as a business or personal brand, connect with your audience, and fight for your own space on the Internet, you must establish an online presence. In a study by GE Capital Retail Bank, between 70-80% of customers at first search for a company online before visiting its premises … Read more

6 Reasons Why You Should Keep Web Hosting and Domain Registrar Separated (2024 Updated)

why to separate website hosting and domain registrar?

Let’s start by saying the main takeaway you should have from this article – it’s important that you keep your web host and domain registration separate. Before getting into why we’ll start by defining what the two terms mean and why they are the foundation of any successful website. First, domain registration is a sort … Read more

Namecheap Means Business with the Launch of the Prestigious. Inc TLD

Namecheap Launch Inc Top Level Domain

On May 7, 2019, Namecheap, Inc., the second-largest domain registrar according to Domain Name Stat, and one of our recommended domain registrars launched the .inc top-level domain (TLD). The Phoenix, Arizona-based company founded in 2000, is upbeat about its newest domain extension and has already made it available for purchase. The domain extension is more … Read more