Everything You Need to Be Aware of Amazon Variation Listings

Amazon variation listings are among the most effective ways to boost your product’s visibility and convert process on Amazon. Different customers have different preferences when purchasing on Amazon. If you’ve got different variants of the same product, there is no other option to show them other than to use the variations in listings or parent-child listings on Amazon.

Making your listing more diverse will significantly improve your customers’ experience by easing the buying process for customers. When you give shoppers many options to purchase all in one location, it makes it easier for them to find the items they are looking for all in one place, instead of searching through hundreds of options in results from a search.

What can you do to make changes to your Amazon listing? What are the fundamentals of this procedure? Before we dive into its technicalities, Let me provide you with an overview of the topics we will go over in this blog.

What’s the Difference Between Amazon Listings?

According to Amazon, Variations, or parent-child relations, are various products available on one page. They may appear alike. However, they differ in dimensions, color, flavor, etc.

Check out the example below –

In this case, instead of having 32 separate listings of women’s t-shirts of different sizes, the seller has placed them all on one page of details. They have also set several ASIN variations listed as color options.

Amazon believes this is an excellent strategy because products in various sizes and colors suggest a superb variety of families.

Elements of the Amazon Listing Variation

The lasting relationship has three primary elements. They include:

1. Parent listing

The parent listing, also known as the parent ASIN, is a storage space for variants or child products. It is not a buyable entity. Amazon catalog makes use of parent listings to connect to its variations. For example, when similar parents own two t-shirts, they’re considered child-friendly products.

2. ASINs for children

ASINs or child products are variations from the main product purchased. There could be multiple child products with an ASIN of a single parent. Each child’s variant is distinct from one another in a way, perhaps by color, size, shape, taste, and so on.

3. Variation theme

The theme of variation is the kind of variation that defines how related products differ from one another, i.e., what’s the thing that makes them different from each other. The theme you choose for your variation may vary depending on the category you place your products. For example, listings for children in the makeup category may differ in size or shape, color, and so on. In the variety of fashion, children’s products may vary in size and color.

There is also the option of applying two different themes in specific categories of products. For instance, if you would like to sell t-shirts in various dimensions and colors, you could involve “SizeName-ColorName” as a “SizeName-ColorName” variation theme. Examples include:

Large Blue T-Shirt

Small Pink T-Shirt

Extra Large Black T-Shirt

Medium Green T-Shirt

Customers can choose their color and size without looking for specific products.

What Are the Advantages of Amazon’s Variation Listing?

Offering multiple variations or adding new variations on an already existing page could benefit Amazon SEO since they provide many advantages. There are a few:

  1. Increase conversions

The most significant benefit of having the option of a variation to your listing is that customers have a variety of choices to choose from all at once and do not need to search through many results in search results for the exact size, color, flavor, etc. This ultimately boosts your conversion rates and increases your overall revenue to a significant amount.

  1. Increases visibility of child listings

They are combining newly-stocked or poorly performing products with more successful listings to increase their visibility—low-performing listings. For instance, if you have added a brand new product to the inventory, instead of creating an entirely new amazon listing for the product, you could simply add the new listing and update it to a current lipstick listing ASIN.

The main benefit of this approach is in the review process. Wondering how? It’s easy to understand that 95% of consumers review reviews before choosing. And since your highly-rated listing has positive reviews, buyers assume that the ASIN of its child will be as good due to the glowing reviews that its parent listing has received.

Amazon Sales Strategy for Brand Owners

Amazon automatically ranks items with high ratings as the most popular. So, if every sale that occurs on your parent’s listing is combined with the sales history of your child’s listings, it affects your organic rank to an enormous degree.

How do I list multiple variants on Amazon?

Before you start your first parent-child account on Amazon, make sure to check the categories of products qualified to list variations.

The main categories of listing that allow for variations are:

Pet Products

Toys and Games

Sports & Outdoors


Health & Beauty


Accessories & Shoes.

Once you’re done, you’ll discover that creating a listing variant for your listing on Amazon isn’t as complicated as it appears. If you’re a registered Amazon Seller UK, Follow the steps below, and your listing for your child’s parent will be up within a matter of minutes.

There are two methods to create listings variation on Amazon. You can make them manually using Amazon Seller Central or download and fill in an inventory file.

This post will explain how to include modifications to an Amazon listing using the Amazon inventory file template. Amazon Inventory File Template. We will also provide everything you require to add variations to existing products.

This is the preferred method for Amazon sellers. You can easily alter, update and add or remove children’s ASINs to it as necessary.

Some of the most critical pieces of advice Amazon offers on filling the inventory file include –

Be sure to provide an image URL for the item you are purchasing but not the dimensions of the article, color, variant theme, or the SKUs that are the parent.

In the case of your parent company, don’t include information such as weight, shipping time prices, time-to-ship, etc., because the child product’s data already have this information.

Be sure to record the dimensions, price, weight, weight, etc., of your child’s ASINs differently because it is distinct for every. (Amazon Seller Central).

How Do I Add Variations in an Amazon Listing?

If you want to make changes to an Amazon listing, The steps are similar to the steps laid out in the previous paragraphs.

Take these actions to mix multiple ASINs into one variant. This will allow you to combine various ASINs into one.

1. Download the suitable category template to fit your specific category by using the Templates for Product Classifier or Templates for Specific Categories. Go through the “Valid Values tab within the template to discover the available themes for variation.

2. Within the template for inventory, add SKUs for your child and parent.

3. The item that is the parent:

Input the necessary numbers for all sections you need to fill in, including SKU. This could be any alphanumeric string with 40 characters or less but doesn’t duplicate the previous SKUs). Sellers can choose to add “-parent” to their base SKU to keep a record that it is a parent SKU.

Make sure to leave the “Parent SKU column blank.

Insert the values in the ” parent ” field in ‘Parentage’ and then enter the appropriate value into ‘Variation Theme.’

Don’t leave the ‘Relationship Type’ field empty.

You can leave everything else blank.

4. Each child’s item (ASINs that need to be added for them to be converted into one family variation):

Insert appropriate values in the necessary sections.

Input the required information in the “Parent SKU section, with the value from the parents’ SKU (value is the same value for each children item).

Include “child” in ‘Parentage, and then add “variation” in ‘Relationship Type.’

To the “Variation Theme section, then add the same value you have added to “Variation Theme’ to the parent (value should be identical for each children item).

After entering all the required information, Correct any mistakes; if any, upload the final file.

Strategies to Increase Sales from the Amazon Listing

As you’ve learned that adding parent-child listings makes way for a better customer experience. Below are some essential suggestions you can apply to boost your sales using listing variations

1. Choose the most effective product on your preliminary list to ensure that prospective customers click on your item and can also browse your child listings.

2. Use the A+ content and write a proper product description. Amazon claims they believe that A+ content aids in increasing the sales of the product by 3 – 10 percent. This is due to more positive experiences with products when they have more information about them.

3. Make sure you upload multiple product images that are clear and of high quality that will help you convert. According to the findings of SellerApp, the optimal number of images is six images.

4. It’s an excellent idea to use an Amazon keyword tool that not just provides the statistics of what customers are looking for in the search bar on Amazon but also assists you in improving the overall Amazon SEO. The SellerApp’s ” Amazon keyword research” tool will help you discover some of the most searched words on Amazon to get an advantage within the marketplace.

5. You need to be aware of and manage your listing’s quality after listing your items. This will assist you in determining the desired level and discoverability of the listing’s variation.

A great way to monitor your Amazon listing’s quality and check if your variants are getting enough attention or not is to use SellerApp’s Amazon Quality Score Dashboard for Listings.


Amazon variations are advantageous to both Amazon sellers as well as buyers. They can enhance the experience, be sure to set them up correctly, to improve your sales and online presence.

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