Tools for Writing Descriptive Paragraphs and Essays

Descriptive essays are used to creatively describe circumstances, people, and locations by adding an emotional touch. It creates a mental image in the reader’s head and incorporates the author’s feelings. 

You must entertain and engage the audience effectively when telling an impactful story and improving your brand. There are numerous descriptive essay examples where the presented content has influenced people’s attitudes toward a more optimistic outlook.

Top 21 Tools for Writing Descriptive Paragraphs and Essays

Have a look at the top 21 tools that can assist you greatly to compose well-crafted descriptive essays:


  • Surfer provides an amazing content editor that is SEO-friendly. 
  • It keeps an eye on the keyword density and word count to find out if your content is readable or not.
  • It can evaluate your content against organic competitors
  • You just need to connect the tool with the document on which you are writing, it will generate a content score instantly.


  • It is one of the best tools for error-free writing. 
  • It proofreads your work and indicates the readability score of your document.
  • It provides insights related to your word choice and tone.
  • You can also check for plagiarism through it so it is an all-in-one tool for writing purposes.


  • It helps to check plagiarism efficiently.
  • It facilitates plagiarism warning banners for protecting your content from plagiarists.
  • It has many other features like WordPress integration, API, case tracking, etc. 
  • Copysentry scans your website content on a weekly or daily basis and notifies you via email if any copy of your content is found online

Hemingway Editor

  • It helps in refining your writing and provides useful suggestions.
  • Hemingway editor indicates a readability score to help you understand how your content will appear.
  • By highlighting the complex and lengthy sentences, it suggests you shorten them for ease of reading.
  • It also suggests the omission of adverbs and the use of active voice to prevent your content from sounding passive. 


  • As the name indicates, this tool helps you to write without any distractions.
  • It comes with a hide-away interface that makes the display clear for you and facilitates you to just focus on writing.
  • It provides optional tools like sound effects, a spelling checker, multi-document support, and customizable themes.
  • You can set alarms on it to get notified after some time.


  • It is one of the best in-browser editing and content writing tools that help in delivering well-structured pieces.
  • You can use the spell checker to make your content free of mistakes.
  • You can join StackEdit with Google Drive and Dropbox for saving all the information on the cloud.
  • You can use this tool for blogging and marketing purposes as it helps you post directly on social media platforms without any delays.


  • This tool is perfect for writing lengthy articles as it keeps you motivated throughout.
  • You get access to a writing space that is free from clutter.
  • You write in an organized way without getting distracted.
  • By setting goals, you can motivate yourself to write accordingly by using its progress tracking feature.
  • This tool can be used on any kind of device so you get enough flexibility.

Calmly Writer

  • It contains “focus mode” that highlights the portion you want to edit.
  • Calmly Writer comes with an easy formatting option to keep your text well-arranged. 
  • Your content keeps getting saved automatically and backups are stored on Google Drive as well.
  • You can use dark mode or light mode both for writing purposes.


  • It helps you get rid of the confusion between US and UK English since it contains a wide vocabulary to help you identify spelling easily.
  • You get valuable suggestions to improve your writing.
  • It enhances your command of creating sentences with rich vocabulary. 


  • It enhances your access to a variety of writing versions.
  • It comes with a minimalistic design and collaborative editing features for editing your work perfectly.
  • It helps in tracking the changes being made and shows you two versions of what you are writing so you can either modify it or keep the content the way it is.
  • You can restore the data by using this tool quite easily. 


  • It enhances your productivity by providing a clean interface with a variety of applications.
  • You can use it for drawing, making presentations, spreadsheets, databases, etc. 
  • A descriptive paragraph can be composed efficiently due to its extensive language and rich vocabulary.
  • It is a perfect tool for expressing your creative abilities and presenting a valuable descriptive essay.


  • This app allows you to record audio notes and sync the information across all the devices installed by it.
  • You can schedule notes and access the calendar easily.
  • It has a range of templates and a Web Clipper that comes with a save button for the web.
  • You can scan documents at a faster pace.


  • It is an all-in-one package that comes with a variety of options like writing, conducting research, and flicking between various parts of your manuscript. 
  • You can categorize notes into various parts smoothly and stitch them together into one piece.
  • It also facilitates quick formatting and creating outlines for your desired type of content.


  • It is an intuitive writing tool that aids in creating mind maps and brainstorming ideas.
  • For descriptive writing, this tool can be of great help as it empowers the imaginative potential of one’s brain.
  • With the help of sticky notes, you can work on previous projects and share your ideas with other team members. 


  • You can capitalize your titles by using this tool and get your content published.
  • It uses a variety of styles like AP, Chicago, etc. for automatically converting your titles into headlines for newspapers, magazines, and any other publishing medium.
  • You can create many captions for social media posts.
  • It carries out the functions in a very quick and efficient manner.


  • It comes with a free as well as a premium version; some functions are only limited to premium plans. 
  • Exports documents in many forms like CSV, Excel, Word, etc. 
  • It offers many types of citation styles like APA, Harvard, MLA, etc. 
  • The premium version facilitates advanced features like saving images, unlimited color schemes, collaboration with team members, etc. 


  • One of the most unique features provided by Typewrite is that it allows you to perform formatting of your text without taking your hands away from the keyboard. 
  • It saves a lot of your time and you can get access to old versions of your content easily.
  • You can keep your files safe by syncing them with Dropbox.
  • It also facilitates real-time editing in which you can collaborate with different writers. 


  • It helps in enhancing your daily productivity and save time.
  • TextExpander comes with an option to share descriptions and signatures with your team.
  • You can insert snippets like email addresses and images while typing the text.
  • It prevents you from typos and any kind of errors by giving useful suggestions on time. 


  • You do not need to worry about anything if you have this writing tool installed on your device. It is a complete package.
  • It calculates the words and characters of your written passage.
  • You can make your content free from all kinds of errors as it has an efficient grammar checker to facilitate you.
  • It suggests options improve your tone of passage by indicating helpful alternatives.
  • You get notified if you have overused certain words or crossed the required word limit.
  • It also comes with an autosave option to keep your content safe.


  • You can merge multiple tabs into a single list and access them all while conducting research without having to juggle between them.
  • It reduces the load on your CPU due to enhanced speed and also saves plenty of time. 
  • Your data is kept secure and it allows you to type without any clutter or distraction. 


  • If you love to write creatively, this tool is perfect for you.
  • It does not let you edit what you have written and you just need to get going to reach the word limit and review it earlier. 
  • It provides you an option to write in freestyle without considering rules and regulations which can be very effective to generate a scene in a story for descriptive writing. 

5 Best Techniques for Writing Descriptive Paragraphs and Essays

Your descriptive piece can only create an impact if it contains the essential elements required to beautify it.

Five Senses

A descriptive essay is intended to influence the reader’s thinking and assist him to establish an opinion. It is not a random essay produced just to express one’s opinions; rather, it is intended to engage and impact the reader. The five senses — smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch – should all be stimulated. You can enhance the beauty of a simple concept by adding phrases like “exotic scenery,” “rich flavor,” and so on.


When depicting an event or experience, you should add a personal touch. It not only gives your text more meaning but also strengthens the reader’s connection to it. It imparts life to non-living items and connects individuals to things and places. The phrase “the smiling Sun,” for example, elaborates on an experience that is not attainable in fact, yet the Sun is given a compassionate quality here. It has a positive effect on the reader’s mind and makes him feel as if he is experiencing the incident.


Metaphors are used to increase the worth of things by describing them in a different way than they are. If you are describing a girl’s cheeks, you will say “her cheeks are roses,” which means they are plump and red. It attracts the reader’s attention and increases his interest in your sentences. He appreciates reading passages that are built on vivid imaginations.


It is quite evident that you cannot develop a story without instilling emotions in it. As a result, your descriptive article should have a strong emotional bond that binds the reader to the story. Whether it’s devastating or joyful, he should feel it from the bottom of his heart. To create a lasting impression on the reader’s mind, the story should induce a range of emotions in the reader.


The tone of the language you use while writing a descriptive essay plays a vital role in impacting the reader. You do not need to complicate things and go towards unnecessary details. Keep your expression powerful and creative by using rich vocabulary that is easily understandable as well as thought-provoking. Make your essay worth the read by using rich words like “chubby” instead of “fat”.

These techniques are used in writing due to several reasons.

Why Use These Techniques

Enhancing Readability

When the reader goes through a very well-designed piece that contains meaningful words, his reading experience becomes enjoyable. It enhances the readability and makes him keep coming. 

Creating High-Quality Visuals

By including high-quality visuals, the overall display of the content becomes quite appealing. You can use HD images while describing a scene and some candid clicks to assist in making the reader imagine the situation. 

Organizing the Content

Composing the essay by following a proper format not only brings ease to the writer but also comforts the reader and he feels like he has read something worthy. The written passage appears very useful and engaging. It also can assist in avoiding duplicate content situations, if those would arise.

Improving the Quality of Writing

The quality of the writing is improved and it appears like a well-crafted piece that resonates well with the audience. It motivates you to write more and improve your expression with more impact-generating words. 


Writing a descriptive essay necessitates a high level of inventive potential as well as the capacity to thoughtfully explain situations. It allows you to bring your creativity and share your thoughts the way you want. You can effectively accomplish the goal by using the tools and techniques listed above.

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