5 Blogging Tools To Help You Work Faster And Write Better

The world is drawn by information. Information is made available in the Internet Search Engines. Then where does the Information come from? There are different genres in writing through which the nitty-gritty of products and services are made available to use.

Articles and Blogs are one of them. Blogging is written as per the convention of Search Engine Optimisation.  This denotes the information needed to come in front of a Google search.

Blogging needs to be creative and maintain the conventions of Copyright. This is why tools are important and you can download them from many sites on the web. There are different tools that are now used to sharpen blogs and make them effective. We will be using those blogging tools in the following Article. 

What’s Blogging? 

The term Blog is widely popular among Internet users. It is generally derived from the abbreviated form of a Web Blog. 

This is an online journal where people can share their experiences as well as pieces of information with other readers. 

A blog is a place where the owner of the blog goes on posting content. The blogger generally writes in one particular genre that suits his writing style. 

Blogs are used by an individual or a company to:

1. Help your company rank on search engines.

2. Sharing information on a given topic and becoming an expert in the Industry.

3. Attract visitors to the owner’s site and turn the visitors into leads

4. Cultivating a community of online readers through product, that is writing and engagement.  

Top 5 Blogging Tools

There are different tools that help bloggers write their productions and start a new blog. Each of the tools has its own specifications and benefits but they integrate to make your blog a better blog.

1: Google Docs 

Google Docs is a fit-and-forget (extremely reliable) platform where we could write our content. 

In Google Docs the writer could write the content, format them properly, and do the grammar Checking under a single platform. 

You could operate Google Docs from your Laptops, Desktops, and Mobile.

Writers could use Google Docs to format their writing once they have written their content on the page of the Docs. They are easy to operate and multi-directional. 

They have their own Grammar Checking Mechanism working. Not only that You could fit external Grammar Checking Software into the Docs without much hassle.

That is why it is better than others. Moreover, the writings the Bloggers write on Google Docs are stored in Google’s Leviathan Cloud Storage. 

This means your writing is safe. The Best feature is that it can access files from other devices. The Tool does not require to be installed and they remain in default with Google. Just Access is required. 

2: iA Writer

iA Writer provides a great environment for bloggers or writers to write their work. The Tool has many features. 

Here you could create Text and do the required formatting that you needed to write your text. 

You could quickly find your document to edit. The writing document could is made ready into Microsoft, HTML, and PDF files. 

Uploading of the programs is done through Cloud Services. Users can insert pictures from the Internet and use Tables and Stats to make the writing comprehendible.

3: Keyword Planner 

Selection of the Nicke is important in Blogging. Google Ranks the Blogs that have the right kind of keywords to them. Because there is a generic pattern that viewers use to search for any information on the Internet. 

In the Tool Keyword Planner, the List of Keywords, High Volume, Competition, and average Monthly search are provided. 

Based on this the blogger uses the key work to write the Blogs or Articles. What keyword would rank the Article on the Internet becomes sometimes difficult for the writers? Through this Tool, the end is served. 

4: Quip

Several online users could work on the same document. The Quip workplace  is segregated into three sections:

  • Notes
  • Documents
  • Chats

In the notes section, the writer goes on to write its Content. Through the Document section, the writer would be able to get the writing checked and make corrections with the help of other people.

In the Chat sections, Corrections are discussed.

5: Check Plagiarism dot Com

The tool thoroughly evaluates the originality of the content written by the Bloggers. The authenticity of writing is based on originality. 

Blindly copying someone without taking permission is considered illegal. Copying is detrimental to the ethics of writing. 

Through Plag Checker, the writer is able to ensure that its content is unique and that it is gone through modification.  


Blogging is an art and it follows rules, guidelines, and conventions, though they are creative. 

The tools discussed above are inalienable parts of the Bloggers. The aforementioned tools, with their virtue, are highly effective.

Therefore, if you are writing Blogs, make sure that you use them to serve your end.

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