Why Should an eCommerce Online Store Site Have a Blog?

Having a blog as a source for organic traffic

Starting your online business and worrying about how to promote it? That’s can be confusing with all the paid and unpaid options available.

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But the one option you are constantly hearing about must be content marketing, or in other words, having a blog on your online store site. But, according to the latest research, 43% of the businessmen claim that they don’t know what is content marketing. Short answer, it is a compilation of thoughts, texts, and reviews that remains online on your website/blog and can be accessed by anyone that is visiting your website.

Now you must be wondering if blogging is worth the time and effort? The short answer to this frequently asked question is absolute yes. It is an inexpensive way to engage your audience with your products. It is the best way to drive traffic towards your site or to attract more customers and eventually, having a blog on your eCommerce site is not just SEO but, it’s much more.

Hubspot survey shows that 57% of your audience comes from a blog and specifically, from the organic traffic it brings. In the same study, they revealed that 81% of businesses claim that their business becomes much better after starting a blog.

So, why should you do it?

Having a blog on an eCommerce site will drive traffic.

A very important advantage of having a blog on your store site because it’s a very simple, and easy, non-paid method to boost your business using organic traffic. A search engine is more than a tool. SEO loves fresh content. Your blog is the fuel for it. What is the best way to provide fresh content other than blogging? By uploading blogs daily, you are giving valuable content to Google and it will reward you for it by sending more traffic.

Blogs are engaging and help you to build a following

You can connect with your site visitors daily by asking them questions at the end of your blog. It is the best and easy way to keep your audience busy with your brand. A blog creates two-way conversation by encouraging customers to give feedback and comments.

Also, with your online store business, you should remember that customers don’t usually share the product pages on their social media channels. But, if you write a high-quality blog post on your eCommerce site, people will be ready to share it. This way, having a blog on your online store site will make it much more engageable with potential customers that will get exposed to your blog from your current visitor’s shares.

Blogs build your brand and make you special

Having a blog on your site will make you stand out from the crowd. You learn to stay at the top of the trends after writing amazing content about your brand. You become more focused on your content marketing strategy because you have to deliver quality content on a daily/weekly basis.

It will also be an essential part of building your brand presence. It could take a few blog posts before your site visitor would even consider your product. But when the time will come to add the product to the cart and click buy, the potential customer will be already aware of your brand and your product due to the professional content he has read on your blog.

I hope you have been convinced that having a blog on your store site is essential to building a following and driving traffic to your online site and business. Besides that, it will allow you to strengthen your brand, increase engagement, and due exactly what content marketing strategies have been praised for – convert visitors to potential customers.

Organic traffic from a blog is a blessing. Use it well.

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