Top 12 Features to Have in an eCommerce App

eCommerce apps are becoming much more popular these days. Contact-less and speedy deliveries are the factors contributing to the high usage of these apps. Users find it much easier to shop things online and not have to step out to get necessities delivered. These apps are everywhere and they go and deliver products everywhere. eCommerce saves traveling time, gives more options, and allows users to shop from anywhere and everywhere.

You are traveling and want to shop? You are waiting in a queue to get your coffee or sub and want to shop? Want to shop while watching TV? Well, with an app, you can do that. Apps provide great convenience to the users and a great opportunity for the developers to generate revenue from it. This is why mobile app development is in great trend.

Here are some of the interesting facts and figures about eCommerce app development showing revenue, growth rate, and users in this sector:

  • Revenue is expected to reach US $2,258,801 Million in 2020.
  • eCommerce revenue is expected to show a growth rate of 8.1% showing a market volume of US $3,084,899 Million by the year 2024.
  • User penetration is 46.6% in 2020 and is expected to reach 60.3% by the year 2024.
  • The average revenue per person is expected to reach US$651.29.
  • The largest market is fashion with an expected market volume of US $578,392 Million by the year 2020.

Revenue in the eCommerce Sector

Revenue in the eCommerce Sector


Users in the eCommerce Market

Users in the eCommerce Market


Clearly, the demand, usage, and popularity of eCommerce applications are very high. So, if you are looking to develop one, now is the time.

Features to have in an eCommerce Application

1) Easy Login

The first and basic feature of any app is easy registration and login. Complex and lengthy registration processes annoy users and at times make them leave the app. It is very important to keep the registration process as simple and smooth as possible. Don’t make your users lose interest in your app with a complex process. Keep the details simple and limited like name, email ID or phone number, and password.

2) Notifications

Push notification helps the user to stay updated with the addition of the latest features, any discounts or deals, and promotional offers. Users get instant notifications from the app and they will make a purchase if interested. Users and app owners never miss the opportunity of sharing promotions or getting benefits from the offer with the push notification feature. It is a great tool for increasing the sales of an application.

3) Social Media Integration

Everyone these days is on social media. It is one of the biggest tools in the tech world. Social media integration helps the user to log in easily and also share products. Social media integration can also work as a great tool for marketing. A user likes something and shares it with their friends and relatives. This will also encourage other users to download an eCommerce mobile app and make a purchase. They can share the promo codes for discounts. This will create a brand image and more people will know about the app and in turn, increase the sales.

4) Filter and Search

The search and filter option makes using the app easy. eCommerce mobile apps have plenty of products of different types. Search will enable the users to find exactly what they are looking for. The filter will enable the users to pick the size, budget, and colors, and get results accordingly. Users can apply different filters for different products to save time, effort, and energy.

5) Synchronization

It is very time-consuming and irritating for the eCommerce app developers to do the same work twice, one for the app and another for the website. The synchronization feature helps solve that issue. It will automatically make changes in the mobile app that are made on the website. Without synchronization, there are chances of the app to look clumsy. This is highly possible when the website has new features and the app doesn’t.

6) Wishlist

Well, it is one of the popular features of the eCommerce app. This feature allows the user to add multiple items they like and compare them at a later date. They can compare the product and its price and order the one they like.

7) Return Policy

The app must have a return policy. At times, the user purchases the product and does not like it or doesn’t get the proper size, or desired look. In this situation, the user can exchange or return the product from the app.

8) Multiple Payment Option

The user can pay through their desired mode with an eCommerce application. The app must provide all the options to the user. The user can make cash on delivery, pay through debit or credit card, or pay through UPI.

9) Multi-Lingual Support

Well, this feature is not a must-have one but a good add-on to your app. It allows the user to access the app in their convenient language and enhance their shopping experience.

10) Show Related Products

If the user is searching for a product, they get suggestions relating to that product. The app shows relevant suggestions. This will ease their shopping experience and allow them to get the desired result without searching more.

11) Product Categorization

Every experienced mobile app development company integrates this feature into their application. This feature divides the products into different categories making it easy for the user to look for products easily.

12) Live Order Tracking

This feature helps the user to know where their order has reached. It keeps the user updated about the status whether it has been packed, dispatched, or delivered.


You know the scope for revenue, hype in the users over time, and trending features to have in the app. Now, you just need to look for an eCommerce app development company and start developing your app.

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