Top 5 LinkedIn Automation Tools

From recruiters to businesses, LinkedIn is picking up steam as the platform that helps establish contact with the right audiences and generate a high number of quality leads.

When manual outreach comes to the point where it is too overwhelming and zaps much of the company’s staff resources, automation tools give a helping hand. LinkedIn is no exception.

This article highlights a list of 5 cherry-picked solutions designed to automate a variety of lead generation activities using the LinkedIn social network for professionals.

Please note that it’s not the best-to-worst list of LinkedIn automation tools as the described solutions come with different types of features and are built differently.

Let’s get started.

Linked Helper

Linked Helper tops our list as the safest tool available to automate your marketing activities on LinkedIn, trusted by over 300,000 users.

The outstanding feature of the solution is the necessity to install it right on your desktops. As you do so, the software will provide an intuitive LinkedIn-like experience for the user and imitate human behavior in full when searching your target audiences, interacting with user profiles, commenting, and even sending private messages. The algorithms behind the solutions have led them to a 0% ban rate.

Thus, Linked Helper’s creators did every trick in the book to construct artificial behaviors that look maximally natural but help you boost LinkedIn activities drastically and safely.

Some of the features of this automation tool include (but are not limited to) the following ones:

  • Targeting prospects following specified keywords, geolocations, and job positions
  • Scraping practically any possible details from LinkedIn profile pages, including emails and cell phones
  • Exporting data to a CSV file for easier management
  • Ability to send data to third-party services
  • Sending personalized messages, including bulk messaging
  • Setting activity limits to comply with the LinkedIn requirements
  • Building funnels and having complete control over every automated activity, and more

With Linked Helper, you can automate practically every of your LinkedIn activity. Find out more about Linked Helper pricing.


Skylead is another LinkedIn marketing automation tool to consider. This is a cloud-based solution that assigns a dedicated IP address from the users’ location to each of their accounts. The technology is meant to protect the automation tool’s users from being banned for performing mass actions.

The solution’s features basically duplicate the Linked Helper’s functionality and include:

  • Ability to integrate a Sales Navigator
  • Creating campaigns from LinkedIn search
  • Building campaigns using a CSV file
  • Creating campaigns from LinkedIn posts
  • Sending inmail messages, i.e., sending direct messages to users you are not connected with
  • Using lead lists to build campaigns

Sales Flow

Here’s another LinkedIn automation tool on the list. Similarly, it is aimed at helping you to grow your network, generate more prospects, amplify the Sales Navigator account, and build brand awareness.

The automation software boasts the following features:

  • Ability to create multiple outreach campaigns
  • Campaigns personalization
  • Sending follow-up messages when the timing is right
  • Campaigns analytics and live insights

Additionally, the tool allows integration with other handy services just to have it all in one place. For example, you can integrate the solution with Google Sheets, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.

Importantly, like the majority of the solutions on our lists, Sales Flow does its best to ensure it is safe to use the LinkedIn prospecting tool. It is achieved by setting automation limitations and advanced algorithms to comply with the LinkedIn rules. 


Zaplify is another sales acquisition engine for lead nurturing using tried-and-tested best practices.

By building personal relationships, the tool allows engaging prospects in your offers by sending a series of timely messages in bulk.
The tool enables you to:

  • Use one of the library templates to start a campaign
  • Automate and/or semi-automate LinkedIn actions
  • Use snippets to personalize outreach messages
  • Trigger followups following the rules you choose
  • Schedule campaign activities
  • Track campaigns performance and metrics from the dedicated grid


Here’s another tool to reach out to prospective clients on LinkedIn and email.

The software provides direct access to your lead’s information and facilitates the prosses of connecting with your potential clients. Besides, you can enjoy forwarding automated chains of messages, while connecting the tool with your CRM and/or email marketing tool.

Waalaxy also comes with the possibility to connect with the leads via a variety of touchpoints, and emails are one of them. The system will send invitations, messages, and emails until a prospect responds.


LinkedIn has deservedly become an ideal social network for lead nurturing and connecting with the target audiences.

We did our best to highlight the most effective and safe tools for your LinkedIn automation activities that come with their unique sets of features.

Already using a solution on the list? Please share your insights in the comments field below.

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