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A temp staffing agency is the much-needed middleman that helps save you both time and effort in looking for the right employees. When you partner up with a top-notch staffing agency, they handle the responsibility of finding qualified candidates for your present job openings so that you can focus on your core business duties.

Is the sudden excess workload making your employees overworked? Are you looking for experts for a few temporary projects your company is handling? Or, maybe you want an employee only for the period of office shifting. A temp agency is here for all your needs!

What can a temp staffing company ensure for you?

When employers increasingly move towards freelance, part-time, and temporary employees to fill up the workforce gaps, temp staffing agencies become the most valuable resources for them to find talent efficiently and quickly. Given below are a few of the multiple benefits that the right staffing agencies can ensure for your business.

Faster hiring

The present job market has considerably changed in the last couple of years, and the process of hiring has become a lot more difficult and longer than the past years.

Good talent is hard to find and naturally, it becomes really time-consuming for the managers to conduct interviews and review résumés, while holding the responsibility for the everyday operations. Going to a reliable staffing partner can help to save both money and time.

The staffing firm might pre-screen and qualify the candidates to make sure that the manager is only interviewing the ones that are ideal for the job role.


Most companies do not want to hold back on hiring for full-time job positions for different reasons. In any case, focusing on the leaner operations tends to have a lot to do with that.

Companies are always trying to become more productive and they only want to have workers when they are truly needed. They want to look for ways to ensure each dollar spent by them is going to improve the bottom line. Temporary employees allow the companies to only keep people that they need, and those employees remain productive.

The employers have started understanding the value of keeping a flexible workforce that is dynamically adjusted for meeting the hiring needs on a regular basis. So, the flexibility of hiring a temp staffing agency naturally becomes the prime driver in the need to hire a workforce that is able to go with the rise and fall of the business demands of a client.

Reduced risks

Being an employer comes with the need to handle a lot of legal responsibilities, such as following labor laws, offering insurance coverage, and covering several taxes. So, from an operational and financial standpoint, hiring staff also has a number of financial risks, particularly when someone unexpectedly leaves or has to be fired. While using a temp staffing firm, most of such liabilities are taken on by the agency.

Generally, staffing firms are seen as the employer of records in terms of placing the temporary associates. Thus, the clients of a staffing firm appreciate the fact that, in most cases, the temp staffing firm holds the complete responsibility for all the employees when they are on an assignment.

How does hiring a temp staffing agency work?

When the temp agency does not have a present employee who happens to be a good fit for the role, it is going to typically advertise that position on different job boards and any other place where the job seekers search. Right from there, the agency is going to conduct interviews and accept applications, and run a background check when necessary, just like any other employer.

After the ideal candidate is found, the person gets hired as the employee of that agency (with the exception of direct-hire posts). The benefits and paycheck of the worker are issued by the temp staffing agency, though the client determines the employment length.

Common misconceptions regarding staffing agencies

A widespread misconception regarding hiring a temp staffing agency is that it is too costly to be worth the effort. Why would you pay more in recruiting fees when it is possible to hire directly? You may think that you are saving money in the process, though it will save you money in using a temp staffing agency.

Most companies only take a look at the fees of the agency to find out the cost, though they typically fail to understand the savings and value they offer as well. The time to hire is a crucial factor in terms of how much that open position might cost the company. As such, the longer the position remains open, the greater is the cost because of diverting resources and a loss in productivity. Working with staffing firms decreases the time to hire considerably and ensure the mitigation of productivity loss.

Another common myth about these firms is about employee quality. A few companies think that the employees found through staffing agencies are there just because they could not get employed somewhere else. On the contrary, many temp employees are overqualified for their present jobs.

Many workers want temp jobs due to the flexibility or they are in between jobs. Also, it is not uncommon to see MBA students do some entry-level temporary work as it helps them have a better sense of business right from the field.

The best temp agencies in Chicago

Now you know all about hiring temp agencies Chicago. So, there is just one major question left – how to find a competent and reliable temp agency for the job? Well, let’s make the process easy for you by bringing you an experienced and trustworthy name in the field. Adia is the name you can rely on in this regard.

It is a company that has been in this field for years, while offering the right employees for the right posts for several top companies. The dedication and efficiency that they bring to the table makes them a trusted partner of the company in the hiring process.

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