How to Improve Engagement Rate of Instagram Posts

Many people are asking themselves a question regarding their posts being unseen on Instagram. But more importantly why we are even worried about that. The answer is simple! The fewer people see your post, the less money you will be able to earn. When it comes to money, people are always worried. Fewer earnings are a result of a poorer engagement rate and a smaller number of reactions. Why is it actually happening and what to do with it? First, let’s take a look at what we know about the Instagram algorithm and what should we know about processing an Instagram audit, that can help you increase your online presence engagement.

What We Know About the Instagram Algorithm

We must talk about the 5 factors that have an influence on the Instagram feed:

  • General information about the post such as: when it was posted; if it is a video or a photo; how many likes it got; etc.;
  • General information about the author of the post such as: whether you are following one another or not; how often you visit their page; what is the level of engagement with the poster; etc.;
  • Information about your activity and preferences such as: whether you like to watch videos or not; what type of content you tend to look for; etc.;
  • Interaction history such as: if you typically leave a like or a comment; whether you send these posts to other people; etc.;
  • A number of bots, ghost followers, and fake accounts a poster has.

The factors mentioned above are all parts of the equation called a score of interest of a certain user. If none of the factors match a user’s score of interest, the post is most likely to be hidden in the feed. If some of the categories do not match, the post goes all the way down in the feed. If there are lots of ghosts or fake followers in the poster’s account, it will be most likely hidden in the feed. It is all aligned and has an influence on the feed and its visibility to the users.

Picking the Right Audience for Instagram Marketing

So, once we understood the first 4 factors, we can make the first conclusion. You need to choose the right audience with the area of interest matching your Instagram profile, then the posts are going to be shown to your followers.

But there is another important aspect to consider for those who want to get the greatest audience reach. The ultimate solution will be erasing ghost followers, bots, and fake users. Once those followers mentioned above have been removed, posts will get more exposure in the follower’s feed as well as in the recommendations. You are probably curious now about how to do so, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you!

There are a bunch of tools for Mass Unfollowing you can use. You can, also, do it manually, but we would not recommend you the second option as Instagram might block your account for some time and it would steal a lot of your time. We all know that time is money! That is why we would recommend you SpamGuard which will, on contrary, save your time, boost your audience reach, get you more followers, scan, clean, and protect your account. So, what exactly does SpamGuard do? It scans your accounts while detecting those followers that put your reach down. Then it helps you to remove all those users, and you can also choose an option to use protection to disable those users to text you, like you, add you, or reach you in any other way. Let’s look through the step-by-step guide.

Step-by-step Guide to Setup SpamGuard

  1. Firstly, you go to the SpamGuard’s main page and click on ‘Start free analysis’
SpamGuard main page

2) Then you add your Instagram username.

add your Instagram username

3) Once you added an account, you will have 2 options – ‘Scan’ and/or ‘Full access’

Scan or full access

4) When choosing ‘Scan,’ you will be asked to confirm that you are not a bot and you will be charged an amount of $1. P.S. You can remove your payment method details straight away.

5) If you choose ‘Full access,’ you will have the payment plans where you will be able to choose the one that fits you best.

SpamGuard payment plans

As you can see, the process is quite easy. Nevertheless, SpamGuard is getting more popular among influencers, bloggers, businesses, and other types of audiences. Don’t waste another minute and try it out!

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