DreamHost Review : Pros, Cons & Comparisons of DreamHost WordPress Web Hosting (2023 Updated)

DreamHost Review : Pros, Cons & Comparisons of DreamHost WordPress Web Hosting (2023 Updated)

DreamHost is perhaps one of the oldest hosting companies out there, who are had the time to master the art of providing top-quality web hosting with plenty of perks, features, and plans.

DreamHost started as a project of some enthusiastic undergraduates of Harvey Mudd College of Claremont, California in 1996. These students were Dallas Bethune, Josh Jones, and Michael Rodriguez. One year later in 1997, The name DreamHost was conceived and registered and DreamHost came into being an officially recognized hosting company.

Before long DreamHost was being counted as one of the renowned and reliable hosting companies in the USA. It garnered fame especially for being non EIG hosting and a cheap-and-powerful-hosting providing company.

Not many hosts offer a 100% uptime guarantee, but DreamHost does. This means they have a lot of pressure on their shoulders to provide that consistently to their users. The service provides shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated plans that come with a 14 day free trial so you can explore what DreamHost has to offer before jumping straight in. Once you have accustomed yourself to the hosting dashboard you will find that there are plenty of unlimited features and tools but they do lack a telephone number.

A 97-day money-back guarantee will also provide you with a confidence boost in case you find that the service isn’t to your expectations.

Also, right now they have a promotion for a 50$ discount! A great deal.

DreamHost Shared Website Hosting Provider

DreamHost is the only WordPress shared hosting provider I’ve seen to offer unlimited storage, domains, email, and monthly data transfers even on its basic plans. This is a huge plus for more advanced website owners and helps get over the higher price of hosting.

Most other website hosting companies only provide some of these unlimited services on the higher-level packages and few offer unlimited domains or monthly data transfers at any price.

Once you sign up for a DreamHost hosting plan, the control panel is easy to use. There is no website builder which really wasn’t an issue for me since I have all my sites made in WordPress anyway.

DreamHost does offer a simple, one-click install for WordPress, making getting your site going fairly easy. Once in WordPress, you’ll simply install a theme and start working…or do what I do and just hire a cheap developer to get you started.

The hosting provider starts you off with some free WordPress themes and plugins as well as all the unlimited features mentioned above.

DreamHost customer service is managed through email, ticket-based support on the platform, and online chat. I have contacted them a couple of times and each time received great service which solved all the issues I had. I was able to get on chat support multiple times without waiting for more than a minute. The DreamHost customer rep was knowledgeable and able to guide me through several questions.

I asked another blogger that uses DreamHost to share her experience with the webhost’s reliability. She uses uptimerobot.com to automatically monitor her site every five minutes. It basically pings your site to make sure it’s working right.

She reported only one instance where the site was down over the last three months and then only for eight minutes late at night. It’s right up there with the best site reliability I’ve seen in other website hosting reviews.

Check the 50$ discount promotion currently offered!

DreamHost VPS and Dedicated Hosting

DreamHost offers Linux-based virtual private server plans (VPS) for larger websites and businesses that need more security or higher traffic. The packages start at $15 per month with 1GB of RAM, which is pretty nice. Also, you do get unlimited email, storage, and monthly data transfers and higher RAM is available for a little more per month.

Dedicated server plans start at $149 per month, a little more than other hosting providers but you get 1 TB of storage and unlimited data transfers. DreamHost doesn’t offer Windows-based dedicated servers which will be a non-issue for those familiar with Linux.

You get anti-spam software on DreamHost email but no malware protection. You will also need to set up your own SSL certificates for websites.

There are a few other security features you get with DreamHost but you will need some developer skills to manage them. It’s another reason why I only recommend DreamHost to more experienced website owners or those with help.

DreamHost Price Comparison

DreamHost doesn’t have a no-frills package for shared WordPress hosting with its cheapest plan starting at $10 per month (and that’s before the 50$ discount promotion!).

For that pricing, DreamHost offers extra features like multiple WordPress sites and domains as well as much larger storage compared to other hosting providers. For those that will use the extra services, it’s a good deal.

This pretty affordable deal combined with 1-click WordPress install makes it suitable for beginners as well.

What I Liked About DreamHost Website Hosting

DreamHost is a strong contender for experienced and amateur website owners that will be able to use its extra features on the hosting plans. Newbies will probably want to go with a more basic tier such as the shared hosting one around $10 per month (which stays consistent for the whole period – other hosting services usually bump the hosting price after your first year with them, a dirty trick that DreamHost avoids).

For those with larger websites or that don’t need a site-builder, you’ll like the quality you get from DreamHost’s managed hosting and some of the other features

DreamHost Cons

DreamHost is a hosting solution that will be exactly what is needed for many website owners, advanced and beginners alike. There are some great features in its hosting services that users of every expertise level could benefit from. DreamHost’s monthly price is fair compared to other shared hosting providers. Yet, there are still some cons that we must point out:

  • There aren’t servers based on Windows
  • Chat and email support

But, the lacking of Windows servers is, in my opinion, an advantage. Linux-based ones are much more reliable for web hosting.

As for phone support, I never needed it. The LiveChat support was ultra fast and helpful.

Oh, They’re Carbon Neutral (AKA Green)

Being a web host takes tons of resources. Just the amount of electricity it takes to run servers alone is tremendous.

That’s why DreamHost is committed to reducing its impact on the environment. One way that they do this is through the purchase of carbon offsets.

In fact, DreamHost has been a carbon-neutral company since 2007. In just 10 years, the company has neutralized a whopping 29,298.1 tons of greenhouse gases.

That’s huge! If you’re proactive about reducing your carbon footprint, DreamHost is a great web hosting option to consider.

What’s Good About Dreamhost

Let’s Summarize. What’s good about Dreamhost web hosting solution, should you go with it for your next website?

  • Great uptime (almost 99.9%).
  • Page loading times are 18% faster than competitors (~870ms).
  • High-quality, helpful, and fast customer support.
  • Generous 97-day money-back guarantee (most web hosting companies are willing to offer 30 days refund policy).
  • Bandwidth is truly unlimited.
  • They’re carbon neutral (AKA green).
  • A generous 2 weeks free trial during which the user can test and get used to the platform.

Alternatives to DreamHost

DreamHost makes an excellent choice among managed WordPress hosts and with its tiered plans, you won’t overpay for features you don’t need. But, given the vast WordPress hosting offerings, you may consider some other DreamHost alternatives.

Our alternative hosting favorites are SiteGround which is another great SSD based webhosting provider and WP Engine which offers quality and fast WordPress-only hosting for bigger companies and enterprises.

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SiteGround Review : Hosting Plans, Pros & Cons (2023 Updated)

SiteGround Review : Hosting Plans, Pros & Cons (2023 Updated)

Let’s start with SiteGround hosting overview. With more than 2,000,000 domains supported on their various hosting plans, SiteGround is arguably one of the most popular web hosting companies in the WordPress community. On Trustpilot, SiteGround has close to 3,000 reviews, 94% of which are in the ‘excellent rating’ category giving an overall TrustScore of 4.8/5.

Most customers praise SiteGround for its excellent 24/7 technical support, available on phone, chat, and ticket. They quickly pick up and resolve hosting and related issues.

Also, the hosting company has one of the most feature-rich control panels with WordPress tools such as WP Auto Update for automatic upgrades, SG-Git plugin for creating GIT repositories, and SuperCacher for enhancing the number of file requests a website can handle as well as boosting its loading speed.  SiteGround has a staging tool supporting Joomla and WordPress developers.

Data security is guaranteed with SiteGround’s robust data centers located in the United States, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific region. So if you ask yourself how is SiteGround hosting solution, the answer is that it’s a pretty good choice.

SiteGround is a European hosting company that started on March 22, 2004, and is headquartered in Europe. Over time, the company has grown to 6 office locations, 500+ employees, 5 data centers spread in three continents, and over 2,000,000 domains hosted.

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SiteGround servers all over the world
SiteGround servers all over the world

Features of SiteGround Web Hosting

There are lots of features and benefits open to customers who opt for SiteGround as their hosting partner. One of the most outstanding attributes of this company is the regular feature updates they roll out which gives you a fresh experience each time.

Fast SSD hosting in SIteGround
Fast SSD hosting in SIteGround

Ease-to-Use CPanel

SiteGround has an industry-standard, easy-to-use cPanel that allows you to undertake technical tasks in just a few clicks. The Softaculous app installer on the cPanel grants you access to a world of applications such as Joomla, Magento, and WordPress that you can install in a few clicks.

The cPanel also has dedicated WordPress and Joomla tools such as auto-updates, installers, toolkits, SuperCacher, SG-Git, and a staging environment. These dedicated features allow for the modify your domain, configure SSL, reset admin passwords, secure your admin page against cyber threats and unauthorized access, fix broken permissions, and accomplish so much more.

SiteGround users also benefit from Cloudflare’s security features against malicious activities such as malicious bots, DDoS attacks, and other intrusions. Cloudflare also enables you to install applications onto your website with ease, you don’t need a developer!

There is a detailed SiteGround cPanel tutorial to help you figure all this out just in case you feel overwhelmed or lost at some point.

SiteGround webhosting offering features
SiteGround webhosting offering features

Bandwidth & Disk Space

Depending on the number of website visitors you are expecting or currently experiencing, you’ll need an appropriate bandwidth and disk space. SiteGround offers up to 30GB of space on its shared hosting plans and 2x960GB SSD space on its dedicated hosting to handle unlimited monthly visits with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime and blazing speeds.

To complement the massive disk spaces, SiteGround offers up to 10TB of data transfer (bandwidth) to enable you to handle website hits of any magnitude. The 5 data centers in London, Chicago, Milan, Amsterdam, and Singapore not only guarantee you distributed risk but also immense support to all your data transfer and visitor file requests.

Hosting Plans

SiteGround has developed hosting products that accommodate every site owner’s needs from a single website business to multinationals with country or language-specific websites. The company offers shared hosting, cloud hosting solutions, WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, and enterprise hosting. Below is a breakdown of the unique features of each plan.

SiteGround hosting packages for webhosting
SiteGround hosting packages for webhosting

Shared Hosting           

If you are a startup, growing business, or a tech nerd with a thirst for faster loading speeds and massive bandwidths, shared hosting gives you just that! the right platform to host your web properties.

There are three shared hosting plans:

  • StartUp -This plan supports approximately 10,000 site visitors a month on 10GB of disk space. It is appropriate for single-site owners.
  • GrowBig- This plan gives you up to 20 GB of webspace. It can host unlimited websites with average monthly traffic of 25,000
  • GoGeek -This is the highest shared plan with a 30GB web space and can accommodate up to 100,000 monthly visits.

WordPress Hosting

SiteGround WordPress hosting refers to a customized shared hosting arrangement optimized for WordPress. It has an essential, premium, and geeky WordPress features such as WP Install, WP auto-update, WordPress SuperCacher, 1-click WordPress staging, free WordPress transfer, and advanced priority WP support, among others.

Suitable for pretty much every WordPress-hosted website that will allow you to create a real, functional site in minutes (with the one-click WordPress install tool).

SiteGround WordPress Hosting
SiteGround WordPress Hosting

Cloud Hosting

As your business outgrows the startup phase, shared hosting solutions may not serve your needs. Moving to the managed cloud hosting platform is the best decision for you. You’ll get powerful dedicated resources to guarantee your speed and efficiency.

The cloud platform is flexible enough to allow you to add CPU and RAM with a single click. SiteGround has an auto-scale option for adding more resources during traffic spikes. This prevents downtime and traffic loss.

Dedicated Hosting

SiteGround’s dedicated hosting gives you premium managed hosting services on high-class dedicated machines. As opposed to shared hosting, you have the entire server all to yourself to organize and layout your web resources.

There are three main plans under this hosting arrangement:

  • Entry Server -This plan gives you a 3.20Ghz CPU Clock Speed and 480 GB SSD
  • Power Server -This plan guarantees you a 3.50Ghz CPU Clock Speed and 960 GB SSD
  • Super Power Server -This is the most powerful dedicated hosting plan with 2 x 6 CPU Cores, 2x960GB SSD, and 64GB DDR3 RAM.

In addition to the plan-specific features, you also get 24/7 dedicated VIP support, full management, and an exclusive selection of top-performance machines. You also get to choose the data center to host your website.

Enterprise Hosting

If you are running a large business with massive spikes in traffic, enterprise hosting could be the ultimate solution for you. Instead of picking a plan, this hosting arrangement requires that you discuss your needs with the SiteGround team for a customer-made solution.

With enterprise hosting, the whole infrastructure is crafter based on your needs be it a single instance setup, a public or private cloud configuration or a geographically dispersed cluster architecture.

SiteGround enterprise hosting offering
SiteGround enterprise hosting offering

Email Features

Whether or not you have a developed website, you can host your emails on SiteGround. Based on your domain, you can host unlimited personalized email accounts complete with in-house and third-party developed solutions. Among the features of SiteGround email hosting solutions are:

  • SMTP, POP3 and IMAP email protocols to enable you to securely send and receive emails
  • Built-in Anti-Spam solution on all the severs. Customers may decide to opt into Barracuda or choose to stay with the built-in SpamExperts solutions.
  • A Simple to manage cPanel-based email interface. You can create accounts, delete users, and set autoresponders and forwarders.

The emails are also very fast and can be easily integrated with any email client such as Gmail, and Outlook.

Drag and Drop Website Builder

With SiteGround, you don’t need any technical experience to build a website. You can use the drag and drop WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) feature.

Not only do you get responsive themes to choose from, but you also get top of the shelf content templates such as images, text holders, videos, maps, and photos. If you want blog and eCommerce capabilities, SiteGround allows for that plus full integration with some of the internet’s best CMS platforms like Joomla, Magento, and WordPress.

Technical Support

When you need help on any technical issues such as site migration, plugins not working, staging, or installation of complex software, you can reach out to the customer service team. They are quick, knowledgeable and available 24/7 around the globe.

You can get customer support by phone, live chat, and ticket with the first two being the fastest. If you are a DIY enthusiast, there is a knowledge base comprising articles, tutorials, guides, and videos you can draw from.

On average, SiteGround processes 1,500 support tickets, 3,000 chat requests, and 1,000 phone calls per day.

SiteGround highest rated support squads
SiteGround top-rated support squads

Bottom line: Should You Choose SiteGround for Your Next Site?

Following this detailed analysis of the top features, products and general information on SiteGround, you could still be thinking if you should host or transfer your site to this host.

Well, SiteGround is more or less the gold standard in web hosting. You get speed, customer support reliability, and affordability all in one package so it’s a safe choice for your site hosting needs.

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Alternatives to SiteGround

SiteGround is a reliable hosting choice for pretty much everyone. However, in case you want to host your site on SiteGround alternative, there are other hosting options you can check out.

Of the alternatives, our favorites are WP Engine which is a great WordPress-specific provider for bigger companies and enterprises, and DreamHost who offers a reliable and SSD based hosting that’s pretty affordable for everyone.

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WP Engine Review : Hosting Plans, Pros & Cons (2023 Updated)

WP Engine Review : Hosting Plans, Pros & Cons (2023 Updated)

Since its launch in 2003, WordPress has grown to become a global sensation. Currently, it is the dominant CMS with 60.4% market share and approximately 24,808,989 live websites. In the top one million websites globally, those running on the WordPress platform total 318,828.

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting provider giving its customers tailored, feature-rich plans that are optimized for WordPress. It is known for its responsive 24/7 online customer support and excellent uptime. However, if you are looking for a cheap web hosting service provider, WP Engine may not fit the bill. Its cheapest plan goes for $35 per month, discounted to $29.17 for the first year.

If you want to fully understand what WP Engine is, its features, products, performance, pricing, and anything else you’ve always wanted to know, join us as we dig in!

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WP Engine WordPress Hosting Professional Plans Offering
WP Engine WordPress Hosting Professional Plans Offering

An Overview of WP Engine

WP Engine is about a decade old having been founded on Mar 1, 2010, by Ben Metcalfe, Cullen Wilson, and Jason Cohen. From its small beginnings in Austin, Texas, the company has spread its wings establishing regional offices in San Francisco, California; Limerick, Ireland; San Antonio, Texas; and London, England.

On June 24, 2019, WP Engine announced that it was acquiring Flywheel, the Omaha-based managed WordPress hosting company for web designers and developers. This acquisition brought its total employee count to 900 and a client base of 120,000+ agencies and brands. In 2018 WP Engine acquired StudioPress and Array Themes as part of its strategic positioning.

On top of the awards it has won for Best Place to Work in Austin, WP Engine has recorded phenomenal business growth.  In 2018, the company recorded a 30% growth with annual recurring revenue of $132 million.

Award-Winning WP Engine Hosting Team
Award-Winning WP Engine Hosting Team

WP Engine Solutions

WP Engine has packaged its services into complete solutions targeted at agencies, enterprises, and small and medium scale businesses. Whether you are a marketer or developer, you’ll find tailored products that address your unique needs.

Small and Medium Scale Businesses

As a small or medium business, staying online is a priority if you are to compete effectively and build your audience. WP Engine gives you actionable insights to elevate your experience, a reliable platform to grow your revenue, and an architecture that enables you to perform expertly.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solution for Small-Medium Businesses
WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solution for Small-Medium Businesses


WP Engine enables agencies to build their businesses through digital innovation. The hosting provider takes care of digital performance and the security of your assets online, leaving you to concentrate on creating meaningful customer relationships. WP Engine agency solutions make businesses agile, innovative, intelligent, and fully integrated.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solution for Agencies
WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solution for Agencies


If you want to deliver excellent digital experiences faster, perform flawlessly and boost engagement, get the WP Engine enterprise solution. The team of WordPress experts at WP Engine ensures that your hosting is properly configured and your business is on the right infrastructure to deliver scalable and secure experiences for your customers.

WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solution for Enterprises
WP Engine WordPress Hosting Solution for Enterprises

WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

In order to deliver its promise to agencies, enterprises, and small and medium businesses, WP Engine has packaged its solutions into plans as follows:

Startup – This plan hosts a single website and accommodates site traffic of about 25,000 visitors a month. It comes with 50GB bandwidth and 10 GB of server storage. The plan starts at $35 per month, but you can get it at a discounted price of $29.17 per month.

Growth – This plan is for businesses in the growth phase. Starting at $115 per month discounted to $95.83 you get access to a platform that can host up to 5 websites, with visitor traffic of about 100,000 per month, local storage of 20GB, and bandwidth of 200GB.

Scale – This plan gives your web resources a higher capacity to handle up to 400,000 visitors a month. You also get 400 GB bandwidth per month and server space of up to 30 GB. The scale plan can host up to 15 websites.

Custom – If you run a large mission-critical website or a large business, the Custom managed WordPress plan is for you. It gives you a dedicated environment with high performance and fast customer support responses. This 100 GB – 1 TB server space plan can host up to 25 websites and handle millions of site visitors.

Outstanding WP Engine Features

WP Engine is a customer-focused web hosting service provider. It has invested in WordPress-specific platform features to give its clients enhanced productivity, security, and scalability. Below are some of the outstanding features.

Customized Environments – WP Engine supports your development efforts through dedicated development, staging, and production environments.

Automated Migrations – Migrating your WordPress site to WP Engine is a breeze, thanks to the auto migration solution. You only need to provide your WP Engine SFTP credentials to the plugin and let it do the migration and heavy lifting for you.

Free Automated SSL Certificates – Cyber threats are everywhere and having a secure way to connect from your browser to the webserver gives your organization credibility online. Every plan at WP Engine comes with a free SSL certificate to enforce connection security.

GeoTarget – Having an efficient content delivery network (CDN) is not enough if the content delivered isn’t relevant to the audience. Through geo-targeting, WP Engine helps you to deliver location-specific content that enhances engagements and conversions.

24/7 Customer Support – WP Engine’s knowledgeable customer support team is available both on chat and phone support. You can get real-time assistance from WordPress experts at any time of day.

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Services Offered by the Professional WordPress Hosting WP Engine
Services Offered by the Professional WordPress Hosting WP Engine

WP Engine Pros

In addition to the exciting features above, WP Engine gives its customers lots of other advantages to enhance their experience.

Automated Backups – Daily backups that give you safety and peace of mind

Multi-Site Conversion – You can easily set up a network of sites using your WordPress installation and turn them off as you wish.

Ownership Transfer – If you are an agency developing a site for a client, you can easily transfer it to them upon completion right through the platform.

SSH Gateway – Through a command line, you can manage any number of WordPress sites using the SSH Gateway encrypted proxy mechanism

StudioPress Themes – WP Engine has a collection of easy-to-use, mobile responsive themes powered by the Genesis framework.

WP Engine Cons

  • The plans are a bit pricey for someone who is just starting up with his WordPress website.
  • The lack of email hosting is a downside for WP Engine, especially for small businesses that look for packaged all-in-one solutions.


WP Engine offers key functionalities for agencies, enterprises, and small and medium businesses. If you are looking to establish or solidify your online presence, WP Engine can provide you with a dynamic and scalable infrastructure to achieve your goals. The platform is innovative, properly configured, and expertly managed to offer you real value for money.

If you want to join popular sites such as Microsoft News Center, TechCrunch, The Official Star Wars Blog, and The New Yorker, hosting on WP Engine’s managed WordPress platform can be a great starting point.

Have you ever had an experience with WP Engine? Use the comments sections below to share your views and insights.

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Alternatives to WP Engine

However, becoming a large-scale WordPress site won’t come cheaply. It’s a solution for bigger companies with larger traffic and needs. If it fits your budget, WP Engine could be a great solution.

For cheaper alternatives, that will suit a hosting for a regular small-medium business, blog, or online store, check out our DreamHost review, VeeroTech review, and SiteGround review.

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Repixel Review: Earning Money Without Displaying Ads

Repixel Review: Earning Money Without Displaying Ads

You no longer have to work in silos with advertisers and display ads on your site in order to earn passive income. Repixel.co is a marketplace that connects you with advertisers from non-competitive companies in your industry, allowing them to retarget your website and apps at a fee and all you need is to drop an advertising pixel on your web property and get paid for the partnership.

repixel ad network program review
Repixel ad network review

An Overview of Repixeling and How it Works?

To understand repixelling and this Repixel review, you first need to appreciate the crucial role retargeting plays in online marketplaces.

Have you been wondering why the locations you browsed when looking for a weekend getaway keep on chasing you even across platforms such as smartphones and websites? Well, that’s retargeting at its best. A tracking pixel or cookie was loaded onto your browser that monitors your online behavior and conversions. This helps to show up advertisements that match your browsing history.

Retargeting has been an important weapon in advertisers’ arsenals for more than three decades now. The effectiveness of this technique in customer acquisition and conversion rate optimization cannot be disputed. However, retargeting in its traditional element is inherently limited to the number of visitors on your site.

Imagine the possibilities if you could stretch the expanse and retarget visitors on other websites in addition to your web property and apps!

Think of a scenario where a clothing company targets a fashion blog. The clothing company (advertiser) would have to part with some good money to place their adverting pixels to visitors on the fashion blog (site owner or publisher). This model is the backbone of repixelling.

The beauty of repixelling is that it is a win-win partnership. The advertisers’ returns on their ad dollars improve as they reach out to more qualified leads while the website and app owners get paid for their advertising space.

Think of Repixel as a marketplace that brings together advertisers and website owners or publishers. The website and app owners put up listings comprising a brief description of their business and the CPM dollar amount of their advertising space. On the other hand, advertisers review the listings posted and send a repixel request.

As the bites or requests start streaming in, site owners get an opportunity to review them and accept or reject based on whether or not the advertiser is a competitor among other factors.

Repixel marketplace example
Repixel marketplace offerings example

The Value Exchange and Cost of Repixeling

The site owner has the prerogative of setting the listing price in the form of a specified number of dollars of CPM.

CPM, an abbreviation for Cost Per Mille (is the price of 1000 impressions), is an advertising model that prices advertising based on impressions. However, in the Repixel marketplace, the CPM pricing is on the basis of pageviews and not impressions (ad views).

Assume a site owner lists their advertising space for $1.50 CPM. The interpretation is that the advertiser will pay $1.50 for a thousand pageviews from the retargeted site. In repixeling, every advertiser who puts their ad on your web property pays you separately, hence a higher return.

From the example above, if you allow 25 advertisers to repixel your site and each advertiser has a daily budget of $50, you can potentially earn $1,875 calculated as $(25×50*1.50). However, this largely depends on whether your site can generate enough traffic to fill the $50 per day order.

Out of your total earnings ($1,875), Repixel takes their cut (20 per cent), leaving you with $1,500. Since the ads are from non-competitive sites and the income is purely passive, you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain with the Repixel model.

As a site owner, your earning potential is hinged on two main parameters: the traffic to your site and the number of advertisers you managed to sign on your websites, and that what we want to emphasize at in this Repixel review.

Earn money with Repixel.co ads marketplace
Earn money with Repixel.co ads marketplace

How Repixeling Benefits Website and App Owners

There are several ways site owners can monetize their web properties. Unfortunately, some of these channels such as listing on ad display networks can be limited in space, time-consuming, or both.

With ad display networks, such as Google AdSense, you can populate your site with ads to the extent of making it look spammy. Despite the payments you get for clicks on the ads, site visitors get driven away to other sites. This model can undermine your business goals.

By promoting affiliate products, this monetizing technique can be time-consuming, complicated to manage, and limited in scale. You can only enroll a given number of affiliates at a time.

Those are not optimal. Out goes inefficiency and limitations and in comes the endless possibilities of Repixel. The following are the specific, tangible benefits you can reap from using Repixel.co service:

Unlimited in Scale

There is no limitation as to the number of advertisers you can allow to retarget your website. The more advertisers you enroll, the higher your potential earnings. Also, you can list as many websites as you possibly can to double or triple your earnings.


There is no automatic ad display on your web property. You have the opportunity to vet every repixel request from advertisers. If you deem the request inappropriate for the reason of competitiveness or any other reason, you are under no obligation to accept it.


Unlike other models, Repixel doesn’t interrupt the processes running on your website, it works in the background. Assume you sell ads, or you are into affiliate promotions, repixeling won’t disrupt your monetization, instead, you’ll benefit from the incremental revenue repixeling brings.

Risk-Free Monetization

The Repixel marketplace allows you to list as many web properties as you have for any preferred duration without having to link your credit or debit card. Even when you don’t get repixel requests, you have nothing to lose because there is no investment you put prior to or during the listing.

How Do You Get Started on the Repixel Marketplace?

A central point in this Repixel review is, whether you are an advertiser or website owner, the first step you should take is to register for a Repixel account. It is important to note that Repixel can allow you to operate both as an advertiser and a site owner.

When signing up as a site owner, you’ll be prompted to fill in the following information:

  • The name of your site
  • The domain
  • The monthly volume of visitors to your site
  • Your pricing in CPM
  • Company logo
  • Short and long descriptions of your website

There is no magic in listing your web property on Repixel. The only things you need to carefully think about are your short and long descriptions. They need to represent what your site really is and draw the attention of advertisers. The descriptions appear publicly.

After filling out the form, the Repixel system will prompt you to copy and paste on your website the Repixel pixel. For this, you’ll have to get to the backend or edit mode of your website, and copy and paste the code snippet into the global header section. You don’t need any coding knowledge for this, just basic HTML know-how.

Repixel has a virtual wallet that allows you to accumulate your earnings. With the virtual wallet, you have the option of whether to link your bank account or debit card at the beginning when signing up or when you want to cash out.

If you are registered as both advertiser and site owner, you can transfer cash from your “site owner” account to your “advertiser” account. This possibility eliminates the need to cash out and redeposit.

Example of adding your own website to Repixel.co marketplace
Example of adding your own website to Repixel.co marketplace

Useful Tips to Enhance your Repixeling Experience

It holds true in advertising as it is in general business that there is no “one size fits all” approach. You’ll have to take the square peg and whittle it down until it fits into the round hole. The following tips will give you a fighting chance in the Repixel marketplace.

Multiple Listings – Unless you have only one website, don’t limit yourself to the number of websites you can list on Repixel. List as many as you can; the more you list, the higher the chances of teaming up with the right advertisers. This can bring you massive earnings.

Search Terms – Your visibility on Repixel largely depends on the quality of your description, but most importantly the keywords you use in the content. Repixel has search functionality that advertisers use to identify potential site owners they can partner with. You should go beyond this and use premium keyword research tools to generate the right search terms for your ideal audience.

Responsiveness- How fast you respond to a repixel request can be the difference between you locking in a deal or losing out to the next site owner in line. Some advertisers make decisions on the go and a slight delay may cause them to cancel the request.

The Repixel system is designed in a way that accepting a request takes less than 60 seconds. As long as the advertiser meets the criteria, click approve to minimize the chances of them changing their mind.

Reach out to Advertisers – It is not always that advertisers will send you repixel requests. At times, you have to go forth and proactively “fish them out”. If you think your web property is a good fit for a certain group of advertisers, use the Contact form to message them. 

For instance, if you have a website with lots of hotel reviews, you could reach out to a tour and travel company. In the worst-case scenario, an advertiser may choose not to respond to you, this is not unheard of; it is the game of life. You have nothing to lose, but so much to gain, especially if you get a ‘Yes’ from them.

There you go! Now you know what Repixel is, how it works, signing up for an account and putting up a listing. With the tips and nuggets of wisdom shared here in this Repixel ads marketplace review, you should be able to work your way through, list as many sites as you can, and watch as you get paid passively!

Repixel marketplace review