A criminal defense lawyer is often involved not only, as this is the case in the public mind, in criminal matters, but also for participation in civil and arbitration cases such as criminal sexual conductions and many more.

However, most clients forget that good criminal sexual conduct defense lawyers can resolve the client’s problem without bringing the matter to arbitration, a district court, or even criminal prosecution. The right choice of the lawyer’s strategy is not to aggravate the client’s problems until the case in court or to initiate criminal proceedings, but to create the conditions under which all the client’s issues are resolved through negotiations and compromises.

Pre-trial settlement of a dispute is where the work of a lawyer should begin.

Naturally, the lawyer is not a magician and not the hero of the film “Devil’s Advocate”, the arbitration, civil, the criminal process will not disappear on its own with the wave of a magic wand, for this, the trustee should try. A lot of things are not required from the client, only the desire and opportunity to consult a lawyer before problems arise. It is not at all difficult, before taking any more or less significant step, to get advice from a lawyer or attorney. In the end, it will cost the client much less than the subsequent participation of a criminal or civil lawyer in your fate.

For example, if you intend to organize a business, or make any transactions, buy an apartment, divide property, lend, invest money, conclude contracts – contact an experienced attorney in advance, get legal advice. The same with criminal defense lawyers – don’t try to solve the issue by yourself, but hire a professional for that.

Why should you go to a lawyer, you ask?

Because it is the lawyer who will be able to analyze your documents and give competent advice not only from the point of view of legal theory but law practice in courts of general jurisdiction or arbitration courts, as well as in criminal cases. It is no secret that the theory is very different from judicial practice, that is why you need an experienced lawyer, a professional defender of your interests.

Lawyers of organizations often take part in arbitration cases, however, they do not have sufficient practice in conducting arbitration cases in arbitration, such as attorneys specializing in arbitration cases have. Therefore, you should not save on arbitration lawyers, even if you have a whole staff of lawyers in your organization. There is a saying – “two lawyers – three opinions”, and in fact it is.

Therefore, your lawyers with the help of a lawyer involved in the arbitration case will be able to build the most correct strategy aimed at winning your case in arbitration.

As for the protection of the client in a criminal case, only a lawyer with a lawyer status and a member of the law can exercise such protection. A lawyer is allowed to participate in a case if he has a warrant issued by a college of lawyers, the law office or the law office.

Today, many lawyers are represented in the legal market, and this is the client’s prerogative to choose the most competent and experienced lawyer. Moreover, it is far from a fact that a lawyer with a “name”, widely known to the public, will work better than a lawyer who does not have such fame. Among the young lawyers of the “new generation,” there are many smart, competent, and already experienced professionals, so the age of the lawyer should not become a stumbling block for the client when choosing a lawyer.

Thus, when you choose a lawyer to participate in your case, focus on his specialization, experience in conducting similar arbitration, criminal or civil cases, his life position, energy and decency, and other factors that contribute to your decision to participate in this particular lawyer your business. Then it will be possible to count on a positive outcome of your case in arbitration, in court, or in criminal proceedings.

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