Bingo is a very popular game that is played globally particularly in the UK and US. Bingo started as a land-based game as far back as the 16th century. Now, the game has evolved into an online game but is still enjoyed in clubs today. With online Bingo at, there are various bingo rooms to which you have access. There are Newbies room, free bingo rooms, VIP rooms, themed bingo rooms, etc.

Although the term ‘bingo room’ has many definitions, it generally means a venue where you can play the game. The Newbie room is a corner dedicated to new players on a bingo site. Newbies room differ from site to site. But one common thing with every site is the limited time to which you have access to these newbies’ room. The room is mostly open for 3-7 days depending on the site.

Why There are Newbies Rooms

If it wasn’t important, the newbies’ room would have been scrapped. Here are some reasons why the newbies’ rooms are significant.

· Online Bingo is Different: Online Bingo is slightly different from that played in the clubs. First, it is online and so it can be a bit overwhelming. It is better you play in the newbie room first to get conversant with the game played online. If it’s your first time playing bingo too, the newbies’ room is your ‘welcome in mat.’

· Sites Software Difference: Some Bingo players are experts in both online and offline bingo. However, if you decide to sign up on a new website, the software will most likely be different from what you are used to. Also, there is a difference in the number of balls that the different sites use. While one uses 90 balls, another can use as little as 30 balls.

· Access to other Players: You might have any confusion at some point or you might want to have some sort of interaction like is done in the offline game. The Newbies room has a chat corner where you can interact with other players and share your concerns too.

Free Newbies Room

This type of newbies’ rooms is completely free for new players. Free Newbies’ rooms are rooms where Bingo sites make games available to players freely for some time. They do this so that the new players can get accustomed to how the game is played on their site.

These newbies’ rooms are completely free with no strings attached. You do not need to deposit some money before you have access to these rooms. Just by signing up on the sites, you are given free trials for a while.

Small Deposit Newbies Room

You have access to the newbies’ room when you make your first deposit on some online sites. Your deposit can be as small as £10. In most newbie rooms like this, you get other benefits and bonuses too.

There are other newbie rooms where your deposits are doubled or tripled. For instance, you might get £40 for a £10 deposit made. With most rooms like this, access is not limited.

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