Google Releases its Site Kit WordPress Plugin To All WordPress Sites

Google Releases its Site Kit WordPress Plugin To All WordPress Sites

Google has been teasing a WordPress Plugin for some time now, with a preview released to developers in June this year. Now, Google has officially announced that its Site Kit Plugin is available to everyone around the world to all WordPress sites out there.

Download Site Kit from WordPress >>>

What Is Site Kit? 

The Site Kit Plugin will allow anyone with a WordPress site to access data from their Google products from within their site’s dashboard. 

Site Kit will allow users to view data from Search Console, Google Analytics, AdSense (Google Ad Words), PageSpeed, Tag Manager, and Optimize.

Before this plugin was released, users would have to navigate to each of these platforms separately to gain insights. The Site Kit Plugin will, therefore, save users time and make data analysis of their site’s performance much more simple. 

Google Site Kit for WordPress main dashboard.png
Google Site Kit for WordPress main dashboard.png

How Can This Help You? 

There is no doubt that Google Site Kit will be beneficial for website owners. Google has stated that this plugin will have the biggest effect on client websites. 

Clients will be able to access data from Google products by simply logging into the WordPress dashboard. They will no longer need to gain access to a multitude of other products. 

Google will provide clients with recommendations to improve their sites. This will help clients monitor their site’s performance, and make changes to improve their WordPress website. 

This Google Site Kit will also allow you to set roles for users. Each role can be assigned permissions and levels of access, so only relevant people will be able to access the data. 

Why Is This a Big Deal? 

Google is the largest driver of internet traffic. Millions of people use Google for conducting web searches, so businesses and websites take advantage of this for website monetization and advertising. 

WordPress, on the other hand, is the basis of over 35% of all websites published on the internet. The collaboration between Google and WordPress has therefore been a long time coming. 

Google Site Kit for WordPress Individual page stats.png
Google Site Kit for WordPress Individual page stats.png

How Can You Get Site Kit? 

The site Kit is incredibly easy to install. Simply log in to your WordPress site, go to the Plugins tab, and click Add New. 

Next, search for ‘Site Kit’ and click install. It’s that simple! Once you activate the Site Kit, you’ll be able to explore the features of the Plugin.

Also, you can follow the next link, even simpler:

Download Site Kit from WordPress >>> 


Google’s Site Kit is revolutionary, and will make the lives of web developers, SEO managers, and marketing managers much easier! 

What’s New in WordPress 5.2

What’s New in WordPress 5.2

Let’s discuss all the features that are coming up in the new WordPress 5.2 and what you can expect to see from the release.

First of all, WordPress 5.2 will be the second major release in 2019, with plans to include Block Editor Updates, Site Health and WSOD protection, Fatal Error Recovery, PHP error protection, brand new block directories, and update package signatures and more.

Let’s look on the main features WordPress 5.2 will introduce.

WSOD Protection and Site Health

WSOD is known as the White Screen of Death protection feature which is supposed to be introduced in 5.1 version. Now it has been promoted to 5.2.

Although it missed in 5.1 version of WordPress, the PHP team has redesigned PHP error protection and the goal is to release it in 5.2 version.

Site Health Checker plugin is another highly demanded feature, which is being proposed into the core of version 5.2.

Updates in Block Editor

With the release of WordPress 5.0 the Block Editor feature that is also known as Gutenberg was introduced to the WordPress ecosystem. Since then, the block editor has evolved and received new features and functionality.

Now, WordPress 5.2 introduces even more new features and enhancements to the Block Editor. Let’s get over them.

Performance Improvements

The block editor feature in WordPress 5.2 will be much faster than the previous editor in 5.1 version.

In the earlier version, editing a long blog post with many blocks could make the experience slower. But now, with 5.2, the load time of many posts could be reduced by up to 35%.

WordPress 5.2 also cuts the keypress or typing time by half, which makes the typing feel much faster and snappier.

New Blocks in WordPress 5.2!

A several new block will be introduced in WordPress 5.2:

  • Calendar block to display posts in their respective days of publishing.
  • RSS block that will help you to display any RSS feed that you like in your site.
  • Tag cloud block which will show all the tags you have.
  • Amazon Kindle block for inserting content from your favorite book reader.

Accessibility Improvements

The main WordPress goal is to allow everyone to express himself on the web and democratize the online presence world. With 5.2 release WordPress are improving several accessibility issues in the block editor:

  • The post URL slug will be easier to find due to the updated tags and help text.
  • Updated keyboard navigating by using landmarks will allow a more clearer styling focus.
  • Screen reader improved with new voice/speak messages in WordPress 5.2. The existing voice messages have also been upgraded and improved.
  • Gutenberg will work with a reduced motion settings in your browser configuration.

Fatal Error Recovery Mode in 5.2

WordPress 5.2 will allow administrators to fix or mitigate fatal errors on their websites that were previously unresolved without developer intervention and modification of the code base.

Now, even if a fatal error will make the backend completely inaccessible, the administrator will still be able to log in and take action on the issue.

As you see, tons of great improvements to our favorite CMS platform. Now, just pick a non eig hosting and you are good to go!

5 Benefits and Advantages of WordPress Websites

5 Benefits and Advantages of WordPress Websites

WordPress websites are becoming more popular because of certain benefits. In fact, more than 8 percent of the top websites on the Internet are run by WordPress and more than 30% of all the websites on the web. In this article, we will try to outline some of the benefits. You may consider a WordPress website after going through them.

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Let’s try to understand why WordPress hosting solutions are so popular today.

1. WordPress supported by community

WordPress is run by a community of developers and enthusiasts that support one another. These people are ready to help you out whenever you run into a hitch. There is virtually no problem you will run into that some members have not faced before. All you have to do is ask and solutions will be proffered.

2. Google recommends WordPress

There is no point in building a website that people won’t visit. Every website should rank high and get a lot of traffic from Google and other search engines. Or don’t you want huge traffic on your website? So, it will interest you to know that Google recommends WordPress websites for higher ranking.

Besides, the content of WordPress websites are well structured and relatively easier for Google bots to crawl very quickly.

3. WordPress websites are easier to update

WordPress websites are easier to update. Every website needs to be updated and modified but it is not ideal for you to contact your website developer each time you want to update your website. This is why you need a WordPress website. It is very easy to update.

In fact, if you can create a Microsoft Word document, you can easily publish articles on your WordPress website. Or don’t you want a website that you and all your employees can update easily?

4. Availability of numerous plugins ecosystem

WordPress has numerous plugins for all kinds of functionality. Instead of writing codes, you can just select and integrate appropriate plugins. So, you don’t have to be a programmer to put some complex functions on your WordPress website.

5. Huge themes available to customize your site

Since WordPress offers thousands of themes, you can easily build, redesign, and re-modify WordPress websites as often as you like.

In conclusion, there are many more advantages of WordPress apart from the ones outlined above. However, these few ones are enough to make you consider converting your website to a WordPress website and using it as your website webhosting.

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